Thomas Cumberbatch

“So I think the reason why Centretown is such a great place for creative business is because of the spirit of Centretown. I’m someone who’s very spiritual and I believe that there’s always something deeper beyond what we see. And that something deeper beyond what we see in Centretown is inherently creative.

It is very real, it’s story-driven.

And all of my business locations have been in Centretown.

In fact, I didn’t realize that until this conversation right now, as we started at the corner of Bank and Lisgar and the Bible House, it was a collaborative space, that’s my first space. My second space was at the corner of Somerset and Bay. And now I’m at the corner of Bank and Somerset.

So for me, Centretown is my creative home.

I don’t live in Centretown. I live in the country, but I drive here for the inspiration that I need and the spirit and the soul that I need in order to create the way that I do.

There are times when I think about maybe not being in Centretown, being somewhere else. And every time I go visit a place or I think about being in another place, it goes back to— what if we’re in a business park? What about the spirit of the place? If we’re out in the country where I live, what about the spirit of the place?

This is an art community.

You walk around and you see the graffiti on the walls, you see the murals, you see businesses that you don’t see 10 blocks that way. You see courage and a spirit of entrepreneurship that’s gritty and, and scrappy.

That’s why we’re here.” @stu.dio2020

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