Aileen Duncan

Aileen DuncanUrban

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez

“You have people coming from everywhere around the country to Parliament Hill, a short walk to Centretown. You have MPs and Senators coming from everywhere to this place. Like everybody from Canada is here. I know a lot of MPs that have never come to Ottawa before they were elected. In my case I’ve visited […]

Gaby el Ashkar

Gaby el AshkarMultidisciplinary Visual Artist | Interior Architect | DesignerCo-founder of Inkrypted Studio@gabyelashkar

Jaxon S. Fenris Dore

“So, I know I don’t look it, but I’m half a century old. I actually came out as trans at 47 years of age. I grew up in Ottawa, and I went to Canterbury High School, and downtown was really a big part of my high school experience. When I was in high school, you […]

Mara Brown

“This is our fifth anniversary as Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre and we’ve been so fortunate to see a lot of history already in just these five years alone to get us started here in this historic and heritage gem in Centretown. This is a 1912 building with rich history, being a United Church, and today […]

Mark Williams

“My name is Mark Williams, I am the owner of Univer Cleaning Inc. and we are currently the contracted provider for the Centretown area, and our main duty is going along the stretch of Bank St every morning. Our teams walk along and they clean different areas, whether it be debris or garbage, and ensure […]

Meghan B

“So I’ve lived in Centretown for about two years now. I’ve always lived in Ottawa but it’s been really interesting being downtown and especially as a queer person, I’m a lot closer to a lot of drag shows and nightlife and my friends and community. I currently run a queer street walking tour in and […]

Raphael Weinroth-Browne

“I try to expose or reveal inner worlds that are otherwise invisible through my music. I try to kind of do this live-in-real-time world building with my cello and with my compositions and I have a kind of a raw intense energy about the way I play. I like to share my music in a […]


“I started my aerial journey back in 2010 when a local pole studio that I was attending started offering introductory aerial courses and from there in 2015 I decided to take a sabbatical from my government job and went to a circus school for a year in Quebec City, learning all sorts of disciplines. When […]

Marichka Bokovnia

“My story, how I ended up here in Ottawa and in Centretown. When I moved from Ukraine to Canada, I moved to St Catharines, ON. and I stayed there for three months. When my program in St. Catharines was done, I decided to move to Ottawa. I’ve heard a lot that Ottawa is very boring […]