Maddy Lepage

“I’ve lived in Centretown for almost two years now. About eight months ago, I had my son. I know when my husband and I were looking around in the city trying to find where we wanted to plant roots, we knew that we wanted to be somewhere really accessible, where there were lots of amenities, […]

Bethany Smith

“My name is Bethany Smith and I am from PEI on the east coast of Canada. I moved to Ottawa in 2017. So a very big change from small town East coast to the city of Ottawa. I always call Ottawa more of a town especially in the business community here. You very quickly get […]

Eric Laporte

“Well, I was saying, I’ve worked in Centertown for over nine years now, and whether it’s because I’ve been here experiencing it for so long, or if it’s because I’m growing up to be a part of it, but I feel like the community of Centertown is growing. It grows every year, something new is […]

Cindy Olberg

“So I run a really interesting business here in Centretown, I think it’s really great that there’s a lot of available dogs who want to get together and get social. I started out dog walking because I love dogs and want to spend time with as many dogs as I can. But I ended up […]

Jordan David

“My journey with Centretown, started with living on Bank Street. So I lived in the Glebe, then lived in Centretown for a combination of about 15 years. But prior to that, I used to come to Centretown to see shows at Babylon and Barrymore’s. It’s really where I developed my creative taste and my desire to […]

Rami Aroosi

“There are a lot of good memories in this place, especially memories of my family, my father-in-law may he rest in peace, my mother-in-law may she rest in peace. They’re the ones who established the business, many years ago . My uncle was also involved in the business with his wife and his son. And […]

Thomas Cumberbatch

“So I think the reason why Centretown is such a great place for creative business is because of the spirit of Centretown. I’m someone who’s very spiritual and I believe that there’s always something deeper beyond what we see. And that something deeper beyond what we see in Centretown is inherently creative. It is very real, it’s story-driven. […]