Thompson’s Jewellers

A Watchmaking Love Story Begins

Over 70 years ago, Bob Thompson’s passion for watchmaking sparked a journey that’s left a lasting impression on the Ottawa community. With his wife Margaret by his side, they leaped into the jewelry trade, working hard to find their way in such a competitive industry. What’s their recipe for 70 years of success? A genuine commitment to outstanding service, carrying the most exquisite pieces and making every customer feel like part of the Thompson family. 


The Thompson Legacy Continues with 3 Brothers

Jumping ahead to today, the Thompson name stands tall as a symbol of incredible craftsmanship and solid reliability. Bob and Margaret’s three sons – Greg, Jeff, and Derrick have been keeping the family torch burning bright. Each bringing their own special touch to the Thompson name, carrying on the legacy with heart and soul. Derrick a Certified Gemologist, Jeff a Master Watchmaker and Bob a Senior Goldsmith and Jeweller.


A One-Stop Destination

At Thompson’s Jewellers, they’re more than just a store – they’re a community hub where innovation meets tradition. Step inside, and you’ll find everything you need under one roof: from custom design studios to meticulous repairs and restoration services. Their team pours their heart and soul into every piece, whether it’s a simple fix or a cherished heirloom in need of a makeover.

But here’s the real magic: beyond the sparkle of their jewels, they’re in the business of celebrating life’s milestones with you. From engagements to anniversaries and everything in between, they’re there to make those moments truly unforgettable.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift or seeking to enhance your own collection, Thompson’s Jewellers is your go-to destination in the heart of Centretown!

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