The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez

“You have people coming from everywhere around the country to Parliament Hill, a short walk to Centretown. You have MPs and Senators coming from everywhere to this place. Like everybody from Canada is here. I know a lot of MPs that have never come to Ottawa before they were elected. In my case I’ve visited many times because I was involved in politics and because I’m from Montreal, that’s two hours away, but a lot of colleagues from different parties have never been here.

It’s a very unique place in Canada. There’s no other place where people from everywhere come and work at the same spot and share ideas. We do it by debating in the House of Commons, but we also do it around places in Centretown like in different venues or elsewhere, so it’s a pretty cool place to learn about our country while being here.”  

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez
Member of Parliament for Honoré-Mercier
Minister of Transport and Quebec Lieutenant

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