Tamis Cafe & Resto

From Family Love to Culinary Passion

Tamis Cafe & Resto isn’t just another restaurant; it’s a testament to the power of family love and the desire to share the vibrant culinary heritage of the Philippines. What started as a small coffee and resto in Centretown has blossomed into a beloved establishment driven by a deep-rooted passion.


Turning Challenges into Opportunities

The roots of Tamis Cafe & Resto go back to a challenging time when Liza’s youngest daughter faced cancer, demanding the family’s full attention. It was amidst this adversity that the family decided to turn their cherished Filipino recipes into a business, not just for livelihood but as a way to stay together tough times.


A Remarkable Start in Centretown

Within just three months of opening, Tamis Cafe & Resto caught the eye of Ottawa Citizen’s Peter Hum, earning a half-page feature. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that has now become an integral part of Centretown’s diverse culinary scene.


An Authentic Filipino Dining Experience

Tamis Cafe & Resto stands out by offering a true taste of Manila in Centretown. In a city where Filipino cuisine often takes a back seat, Tamis distinguishes itself through carefully handed-down recipes that capture the essence of generations of Filipino culinary traditions. For Liza and her family, Tamis Cafe & Resto is not just a business; it’s a passion. Driven by love for their craft, the family is committed to offering a distinctive dining experience that goes beyond serving delicious food. They aim to share a cultural journey and create a welcoming space for everyone to savor the Taste of Manila. At Tamis Cafe & Resto, every employee is considered a valued member of the Tamis Team. The workplace echoes the warmth and camaraderie of a family, where love for the work, combined with a desire to share the flavors of the Philippines, propels Tamis Cafe forward each day.

“We love the people that work for us, every employee is considered a family member of the Tamis Team.”

Centretown’s Culinary Gem

Centretown wouldn’t be the same without Tamis Cafe & Resto. As this family-driven venture continues to grow, it leaves an indelible mark on the local culinary landscape, offering not just food but a genuine cultural experience and a taste of Manila from the heart.


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