Sadik Elgallal

“I’m Sadik Elgallal, known on Instagram as @Boundcast. As a Libyan-born photographer, capturing moments and telling truthful stories through my camera lens is deeply integral to who I am. I often find myself in Centretown and downtown areas, where the energy and stories of the city come alive. When I first began sharing my photos from the protests in support of Palestine, the response was a mix of overwhelming support as well as significant backlash. However, as time has passed and more and more people have taken the initiative to learn about the issues at hand, the negativity has largely faded away. I’ve engaged in deep, meaningful conversations with individuals who were initially misinformed, providing them with sources and helping them see the facts for themselves. These interactions have been incredibly rewarding, and now most people I interact with are educated on the topic, reflecting a change of perspective from what I experienced in the beginning.”

Sadik Elgallal – Photojournalist

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