Pi Co.

Pi Co. Pizza Bar: A Slice Above the Rest

Are you ready to elevate your passion for pizza to a whole new level? Look no further than Pi Co. Pizza Bar, where innovation meets tradition in every mouthwatering bite. Let’s dive into what sets Pi Co. apart and why their a must stop destination for any pizza lover. 


A Fresh Perspective on Pizza

Pi Co. is rewriting the rules of pizza with a new innovative approach to the way they formulate their pies. They understand when it comes to pizza, time is of the essence – that’s why they’ve perfected the art of quick service without compromising on quality. Pi Co’s state of the art ovens cook your pizza at a blistering 650 degrees for just 90 seconds. That’s right. In less than 2 minutes, you have your pizza in hand and are ready to enjoy every delicious bite!  Pi Co. pizza is exactly what quality pizza should taste like – Neapolitan-style 11-inch pizza with homemade pizza sauce and fresh quality ingredients. Customers are able to choose from a menu of delicious creations or let their imagination run wild as they build their own.


Pi Co. Offers So Much More Than Just Pizza

At Pi Co., pizza is the star of the show but they also offer so much more than just delicious pies. Craving something lighter? Dive into their fresh salads.  Need a quick snack? Indulge in their selection of small bites.  And let’s not forget to save room for dessert—they proudly feature cookies from SOS Treats, the perfect sweet ending to your Pi Co. experience.

If you love pizza as much as we do, be sure to check out Pi Co. as it’s truly a slice of perfection. 

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