Phil Green

“I don’t know, like we’re a group fitness studio and we do group strength and conditioning.

You know, and gyms like that are pretty much dime a dozen these days.

So what sets us apart?

I mean, I think for me as a personal trainer, I am a little bit unique in only in the sense that I understand that most people don’t want to work out.

They don’t want to, they know they probably should, or they’ve been told by someone else that they should, and usually that doesn’t create the best environment for them, because they’re doing something they don’t really want to do.

And that attitude is almost the entire basis of my gym, as we’re delivering real results – real strength and conditioning workouts that are science-based, results-driven, but we are making jokes the entire time we’re here.

We do not expect everyone to take it super seriously, we’re going to lift some weights and we’re going to make some fart jokes at the same time.

And that in itself lends an environment of comfort in a way, in that people know that they don’t have to come here and be super serious about fitness, they can be a silly ass if they want, and it’s nice to know that the trainers and the staff are going to be silly asses with you doing that.

So in that sense, we’ve had people who come here who say they’re not gym people, they don’t want to go to a gym, they only want to come here.”

Phil Green @bodiesbyphil613

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