Past Lives

A Unique Vintage Experience

Located at 475 Somerset Street West you can find Past Lives, an effortlessly cool vintage shop. Each item in the store has at least one past life (hint the name Past Lives Vintage), ensuring that your shopping trip is truly one of a kind. Whether you’re on the hunt for vintage basics or a distinctive upcycled piece, Past Lives caters to making you look your best while also ensuring your outfit isn’t like the rest – it’s unique, it  tells a story and it helps our planet Earth. 

Born from Passion and Sustainability

Past Lives’ story began like most others during the COVID-19 lockdowns, a time when many creative ventures took flight. Fueled by Alex’s passion for sustainability and fashion, the shop was founded with a zero-waste philosophy and a commitment to 100% recycled materials. From vintage clothing to upcycled garments created by Alex, every item in the store reflects her ethos. Even the shop fixtures are secondhand – like the upcycled skateboarding decks turned into shelves, and the shopping bags provided to customers are crafted from recycled newspapers – how cool is that?

Embracing Circular Fashion

One of the standout features of Past Lives is its innovative consignment program, Circle Back. This program allows customers to resell any item purchased from Past Lives back to the store at any time. By taking responsibility for their products indefinitely, Past Lives ensures that no waste is created, truly embodying the principles of a circular business.

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