We Gon’ Be Alright

by Kalkidan Assefa, Jimmy Baptiste, Allan Andre

We chose to create a mural with the uplifting affirmation “We Gon Be Alright” – lyrics pulled from the chorus of Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 Grammy-winning single “Alright” which addresses police violence and racial inequality. We thought that this would be appropriate amongst the current backdrop of worldwide protests against systemic anti-Black racism; justice and police reform.” Jimmy Baptiste shared a similar sentiment, stating, “We painted this mural to brighten up the neighbourhood with lively colours and to share a positive message with the city. As black artists, we also wanted to share some love with the black community by giving us an image from which we can draw strength. We would like to thank the Bank Street BIA, Wallack’s Art Supplies as well as the people and businesses on Bank street for their amazing support during the creation of this mural.”

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