Meghan B

“So I’ve lived in Centretown for about two years now. I’ve always lived in Ottawa but it’s been really interesting being downtown and especially as a queer person, I’m a lot closer to a lot of drag shows and nightlife and my friends and community. I currently run a queer street walking tour in and around the streets of Centretown and it’s been really interesting to learn about the queer elders, the queer ancestors that have lived here. I see myself in the new stories of Centretown that are coming up as a performing drag artist and it’s just really cool to kind of be in the center of it. It’s been interesting to kind of think about how I want my community to flourish and think about ways that I can provide a space for connecting folks that are in Centretown and also visitors to Centretown. So yeah, it’s been really interesting living here for the past two years and I’ve been really loving it.”

Meghan B (Morgan Mercury) (he/they)- Drag Artist

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