Maddy Lepage

“I’ve lived in Centretown for almost two years now. About eight months ago, I had my son. I know when my husband and I were looking around in the city trying to find where we wanted to plant roots, we knew that we wanted to be somewhere really accessible, where there were lots of amenities, lots of things to do, because I knew that we would be having a kid this soon, or we knew we’d have a kid very soon, I just didn’t realize it would be this soon, so I’m glad that we ended up landing on Centretown. I know with my mat leave, it’s made things a lot easier. I have nothing against the suburbs, but the idea of kind of being stuck somewhere where people weren’t about all the time, and that’s something I love about the neighbourhood is that there’s so many people around all the time, you get to see so many different walks of life, and that was really important to me as a parent for my child to experience that. I know Henry and I go to the library almost every day, we go for story time, it’s the next way to break up our day, and we just enjoy walking the neighbourhood, going to all the little shops, my dog has definitely become a huge fan of many of the shops in the neighbourhood, he gets probably way too many treats, it’s also where a lot of my friends are. I just enjoy being here, it’s also helpful that my place is a seven minute walk to my work place.” @maddylep

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