Tyler Proulx

Centretown's Artful Revolution: Meet Tyler Proulx, The Sticker Artist Behind Sailor Dude

If you’ve spent some time walking about Centretown you may have noticed stickers of Sailor Dude on poles, signs, and walls. Tyler Proulx created this character, it’s one of his favourite ways to create art.

This street artist and Special Education High School teacher was born and raised right here in Ottawa. He started drawing at a young age, did his fair share of graffiti art in his teenage years, and blew glass art for ten years. He’s since evolved into a sticker artist, creating and putting anywhere from one to one-hundred stickers around Ottawa daily. A self-proclaimed softcore vandal, he loves how his art isn’t permanent and doesn’t upset fellow residents.

I put stickers up all over the place. I try not to upset anybody, I don’t put them on the front of signs or businesses. My goal is to make people laugh and smile and wonder who Sailor Dude is


Loosely based on himself, Sailor Dude has been adapted many times over the years and continues to be as Tyler wants he/she/they to represent everyone. Whether Sailor Dude is an animal, a man or a woman, is wearing a pride flag or a trans flag, he hopes that the unexpected burst of colour surprises people in the best way and brings an added smile to their day.


There are no rules or set expectations with sticker art and that’s something Tyler enjoys about this art form.

“There’s no one out there saying this is how it should be done, ” says Tyler.

He loves that they’re accessible to everyone and not hidden in a museum. Stickers are also a great way to add vibrance to the world, especially colourless poles, walls, and signs around the city. Furthermore, he’s always had an affinity for stickers and continues to trade them with fellow enthusiasts worldwide.


Keep your eyes open for Sailor Dude all over Centretown, especially Bank St. Tyler hopes the sudden colourful sight makes you happy and brings increased value to this beautiful neighbourhood that can only benefit from art and colour.

“My goal is to add colour to the world. It can be so gray, beige, and boring. I want to add colour out there, ” says Tyler.

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