Discover Knyota: Elevating Centretown’s Beverage Scene

There’s a new gem on 104 Bank Street that’s about to shake up your drinking experience – Knyota Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Ottawa’s only fully dedicated online and brick-and-mortar bottle shop for adult appropriate non-alcoholic drinks. Let’s take a dive and see what makes this spot so special.


Crafting a Unique Experience

Knyota isn’t your average drinks joint. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking sophistication in their non-alcoholic options. Owner Benson Mutalemwa’s passion for inclusive beverage experiences shines through in every aspect of the Knyota brand.

When you step into Knyota, you’ll find yourself greeted by an assortment of handpicked non-alcoholic beverages. The packaging is bursting with color, tempting you to dive right in and enjoy. Discover the array of non-alcoholic beer, no alcohol wine, zero proof distilled spirits, and ready-to-drink mocktails and mocktail recipes.

Unsure what to try? Knyota hosts tastings, inviting you to explore the world of non-alcoholic drinks. Let your taste buds lead as you uncover the artistry behind each concoction and hopefully you’ll find that perfect match. 


Embracing Change

In a world where non-alcoholic drinks are gaining popularity, Kynota stands at the forefront, challenging perceptions and breaking down barriers. It’s time to elevate your drinking experience and join the movement towards mindful consumption.

So, why wait? Elevate your drinking experience at Knyota Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

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