Jordan David

“My journey with Centretown, started with living on Bank Street. So I lived in the Glebe, then lived in Centretown for a combination of about 15 years. But prior to that, I used to come to Centretown to see shows at Babylon and Barrymore’s. It’s really where I developed my creative taste and my desire to participate as a creative in Ottawa.

Fast-forward 15 years, I find myself in a position where I’m curating events in Centretown and working with a lot of local talent in the area. And there is this real sort of energy that I feel. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of the business area. Maybe it’s the sort of underground scene that I sort of reside in.

But I really do have a love for Centretown and my hope is that people also discover Centretown and are able to sort of make their own mark on Centretown and can have it be what they want it to be. Because I feel like there’s a lot of potential when we’re talking about Centretown. It’s going through changes. It’s very different from what it was four years ago. It’s going to keep evolving. So I hope to be part of that story and to help it get to its next stage.

Afterlight is a sibling bar to City at Night. And essentially my role here is curating. We operate during the week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. And the whole concept plan is just trying to bring more culture to Ottawa’s nightlife during the week. And so it’s been a challenge. We’ve found some success with our Thursday program, Concept Thursday. It’s been amazing. But you know, we’re eager to establish Wednesdays and Tuesdays and have it be a destination for people who want to experience life outside of the weekends. You know, there’s a lot happening in Ottawa on the weekends, so how can we uplift our weekdays?” @jdfun

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