“The difference between Centretown and where I live – Braeside.

It has very small town vibes, like it’s literally a village of maybe less than 4,000 people, it’s very, very small, but it is community based, and I guess that’s why I like coming out to Centretown as well, because it’s very much community based.

So everyone knows everyone, everyone’s got each other’s backs, and like, it’s just really nice that you can walk down the street and like you can just chat with people randomly and it’s really cool.

And it’s basically the same as that in Braeside too, so it’s really unique to be able to do that everywhere you go, and especially in a big city as Ottawa, it’s pretty unique to have that.

And especially working down here too, with all of your friends, it’s not even like going to work, so yeah, it’s always really happy vibes, and it’s really good to be around.”

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