Chris Nyce

“I’m a public servant and a Black filmmaker. Centretown is where I work. One of my challenges in Centretown is finding parking and I hope that someone will do something about it, but otherwise it’s a great place to work and shoot films. My first film was shot in Centretown because of the people, the community and just the architecture here, like the buildings, the aesthetic. The film is called Behind the Truth, it is a detective story. There are tons of places where you can shoot some good aesthetic shots, just the views, and the people. In the story, he’s trying to put the puzzle together, he’s working to connect the dots and Centretown has that vibe.

One of the reasons why I shot my short film here is because it’s vibrant, so I visualized the detective, especially the story, being shot in a city, and Centretown was part of the city that I wanted to shoot my first short film.” @nyceimageproductions

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