Jimmy Baptiste

“For me the aspect of the beautification of murals is very important because as cities are being invested to have renovations and to upgrade the visual aesthetic of the environment, murals play a big part in that aspect. For example, as you can see in Montreal, murals have become one of the tourist attractions. Artists come from around the world to be able to take pictures or they can even come and paint here and I can see that Ottawa has as much as potentially if not more because Ottawa is one of the centers of the art town in Canada. So if those two were able to combine and create something beautiful, the potential would be very very endless. So slowly but surely a lot of artists, beautiful artists and beautiful people are working very very hard to push that forward and we’re seeing more and more every year, more beautiful artwork from people all across Canada coming here to paint and create projects. It takes a lot of stakeholder buy-in to be able to accept and understand the impact of this because you know it meant the value of the neighborhoods for some of the artwork that becomes there because they’ve become basically open canvases for people to be able to do this. It promotes the city, it promotes the artists, it also promotes the individuals that take pictures in front of these artworks. So it’s kind of all these whole entire synergy that creates beautiful artists around us. You know it just makes things a lot more interesting than to watch an old decrepit wall or a gray wall standing in a space right?”  @jimmy_baptiste


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