Jaxon S. Fenris Dore

“So, I know I don’t look it, but I’m half a century old. I actually came out as trans at 47 years of age. I grew up in Ottawa, and I went to Canterbury High School, and downtown was really a big part of my high school experience.

When I was in high school, you did not come out in high school, I lived in a very repressive home environment, and so on my way home from Canterbury, I would always stop in the downtown area for a few hours just to be free and explore my sexuality, and I spent a lot of time on Bank Street, because I mean, oh my goodness.

It’s really interesting as somebody who is half a century old, and has seen Ottawa evolve and change. I remember what this street used to be like, and how lively it was. It’s really crazy to see all the empty windows, and all of that stuff, but you know, the community of Centretown, I really think is kind of a microcosm of what’s at large going on in the world right now. It’s a very intersectional community, there’s people from all walks of life. We have business owners like my friend Kevin here, who has been here for a long time, trying to come back after the pandemic. That was a really big effect on the businesses around here, but also we’re struggling with tough economic times. I think a lot of neglect on the behalf of the municipal, and the provincial, and the federal government. We have a housing crisis going on, and there’s people that are facing being unhoused, and it’s such a shame, but the thing is, what’s really interesting is the resiliency, people just keep going, like we’re all on the hustle right?

The thing is, I’m really excited for the future, the bigger conversation that’s going on in the world and the attempts to kind of shove us back in the closet and legislate us out of existence, it’s like, I still have hope because, for the first time in history, the lives of ordinary people are being documented, like we’re self-documenting, you folks are doing your thing, and yeah, like, it’s tough times, but there’s also a lot of hope, and a lot of resilience, and you know, it’s really inspiring, and there’s a lot of really amazing energy.” 

Jaxon S. Fenris Dore (they/them/theirs)
Drag Artist

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