Introducing Gongfu: Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Centretown!

Curious about the journey behind Centretown’s beloved Gongfu? Look no further! Owner Tarek Hassan, drawing inspiration from his travels to Hong Kong and his diverse upbringing in Egypt and the United Kingdom, embarked on a culinary adventure that has captured the hearts and taste buds of Ottawans since 2018.

What began as a humble pop-up evolved into a thriving food cart and eventually found its permanent home as a brick-and-mortar restaurant at 365 Bank St. Tarek, alongside co-owner Emily Wood, has been delighting customers with the most delicious baos in Ottawa for years. But as of recently, they decided to elevate the Gongfu experience even further.

Unveiling Gongfu Cafe

Enter Gongfu Cafe, the latest iteration of their culinary vision. By day, Gongfu Cafe embodies the essence of a cha chaan teng (Hong Kong cafe) and the comforting familiarity of a Western diner. From hand-pulled Hong Kong milk tea to a mouthwatering lineup of baked goods, dishes, and sandwiches, every item on the menu reflects Tarek and Emily’s dedication to quality and authenticity.

Emily, serving as the pastry chef of Gongfu, fills the countertops with fresh bolobao, Hong Kong-style egg tarts, and other irresistible treats every day. Don’t miss out on their signature HK French Toast—it’s a must-try!

But Gongfu Cafe is more than just a place to grab a bite; it’s a welcoming space for the Centretown community, inviting locals to pop in for their morning caffeine fix, enjoy a productive work or study session, or gather with friends for a delicious meal.


Gongfu’s Passion for Blending Novelty and Familiarity

What drives the Gongfu team? It’s the joy of blending the novel with the familiar, creating a range of experiences and reactions for their guests to savor. With Gongfu Cafe, they’re able to dive deeper into that creative interplay, inviting their customers to discover something new with each visit.

Join Gongfu, where every sip, every bite, and every moment is infused with warmth, flavor, and a sense of community. 

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