Flora Hall Brewing

Flora Hall Brewing: Centretown’s Creative Haven

Hey Ottawa! If you haven’t yet experienced Flora Hall Brewing, you’re truly missing out and we will tell you why. Located at 37 Flora Street, Flora Hall Brewing has quickly become the go-to spot for locals since opening its doors in 2017.


A Bit of the History

Flora Hall Brewing came to life after a year-long transformation of a 100 year old heritage building that was built in 1927. There is a misconception that this building once was an old fire hall due to the architecture of the building, but that’s a myth it used to be a warehouse factory called Welch & Johnson Electrical Garage. The vision for Flora Hall?  There was so much great potential for the building – Owner Dave saw that potential, he knew he wanted to turn the space into a vibrant, artistic community hub – a place where you want to go to unwind, connect with friends and enjoy some exceptional food and drinks. Beer has always made sense to him—his personal love for it made creating a restaurant centered around it a no-brainer. And that’s how Flora Hall Brewery was born: a perfect blend of restaurant and brewery.


Creativity and Craft Pays Off

Flora Hall’s beer list and menu are always evolving, thanks to the creativity of their founding Head Brewer, Rod, and Head Chef, Tim. They’re constantly crafting new recipes that reflect the seasons, innovative ideas, and the best ingredients. How good is the beer you ask? Well as of recently, Flora Hall just won second place at the world beer cup – where over 70 countries participated.  


A Space Like No Other

The interior of Flora Hall is truly incredible – it’s a nod to its century-old industrial roots, beautifully restored and filled with original art by many local Ottawa artists, including paintings, murals, and sculptures. It’s a place designed for connection and reflection—no TVs, just a friendly, welcoming vibe.


Community Commitment

Flora Hall actively supports its Centretown community by contributing to local groups like the Centretown Emergency Food Centre, Cornerstone Shelters for Women, Bruce House, Christie Lake Kids, and the Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre. Giving back is their way of saying “thank you” to a community that has embraced Flora Hall wholeheartedly.


Final Thoughts

In our eyes, a great business is defined by a few key elements: exceptional food and drinks, a thoughtful and inviting atmosphere, active community involvement, and genuine passion for what they do every day. Flora Hall Brewing embodies all of these qualities and is quickly becoming an Ottawa institution you’ll be proud to recommend to your friends. We hope to see you there—cheers!

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