Cindy Olberg

“So I run a really interesting business here in Centretown, I think it’s really great that there’s a lot of available dogs who want to get together and get social. I started out dog walking because I love dogs and want to spend time with as many dogs as I can. But I ended up sort of forming a lovely little community where the people, the businesses and the other dogs, they love getting involved in whatever we’re doing. We go to a lot of dog friendly businesses to get treats and we have created a really nice online community where people share. We have lots of inside jokes. One thing though, there’s a lot of litter around Centretown. And so I’ve started an initiative where at least once a week I’m going around and I’m cleaning up trash with the idea to make a safer community for our dogs. But it’s just cleaning up Centretown and helping out the neighborhood and the community anyway. So it’s just gotten me really— the dogs have helped me stay really connected to the community and they’ve helped me. I’ve made a lot of people in businesses that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And it’s been a really, really rewarding experience.” @cindywalkandsit

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