Choux Atelier

Discover Choux Atelier

Choux Atelier is Centretown’s newest gem, which opened its doors in 2023 by a duo of young, passionate entrepreneurs – Anh and Quynh. Their mission? To elevate your bakery experience to new heights. At Choux Atelier, they turn the ordinary daily desserts into extraordinary fine dining experiences.


The Story Behind Choux Atelier

Choux Atelier was born from a shared passion for elevated baking and a desire to bring something unique to Ottawa. Anh and Quynh were inspired by the elegance of French pastry techniques and the bold flavors of Asian cuisine, bringing the two together they decided to open a bakeshop that specialized in Vietnamese-French pastries. Each of their creations reflects the dedication to quality, innovation, and cultural fusion. Anh, the pastry chef is constantly experimenting with different flavors, textures, and techniques, making sure every bite is an unforgettable experience. 


Meet Anh: The Passionate Baker Behind Choux Atelier

Anh, owner and dedicated baker, is the driving force behind Choux Atelier. Her passion for pastry is evident in every creation, and her commitment to quality is undeniable. Anh’s goal is to ensure every customer can taste fresh, high-quality baked goods, that taste incredible on a daily.


What Makes Choux Atelier Unique?

Choux Atelier isn’t just a bakery – and here’s what sets them apart: 

  • Culinary Innovation: They blend techniques of French pastry with the vibrant flavors of Asian cuisine, resulting in an incredible tasting experience.
  • Transparency and Quality: At Choux Atelier, they believe in transparency. Their customers can witness firsthand how they’re baked goods are made from scratch as it’s made directly in front of them.
  • Educational Experience: Choux Atelier offers more than just pastries. They offer an interactive experience where their customers can learn about the ingredients being used, the techniques and craftsmanship involved in the baking process.  How cool is that?
  • Community Building: Choux Atelier has already built a strong sense of community among their loyal customers. By sharing their passion for high-end ingredients and traditional methods, they create a sense of involvement and connection between their clients and their bakery. 

So next time you’re craving something a little sweet, give Choux Atelier a try and see what French elegance and Asian boldness tastes like, trust us you’ll be sent on a sensory journey – they’ll definitely be your new go-to bakery in Centretown. 

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