Mr. Fez Shawarma

129 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5N7, Canada

(613) 230-7077

Mr. Fez Shawarma, where culinary delight meets Middle Eastern flavors in a tantalizing fusion of taste and tradition. Step into our inviting eatery and let the aroma of spices transport you to the bustling streets of the Levant. Our skilled chefs masterfully craft each shawarma wrap, using only the finest ingredients and authentic recipes passed down through generations. Sink your teeth into tender, marinated meats, perfectly grilled and wrapped in warm, pillowy flatbread. With a variety of mouthwatering fillings to choose from, including succulent chicken, juicy beef, or flavorful falafel, there's a shawarma creation for every palate. Complement your meal with our delectable homemade sauces and a side of crispy falafel or golden fries, and you're in for a true feast of flavors. At Mr. Fez Shawarma, we take pride in delivering a culinary experience that satisfies both the senses and the soul, leaving you craving for more.