Foreign & Domestic

327 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K2P 2P1, Canada

(437) 286-2355

ForeignDomesticWine is a delightful and innovative winery that celebrates the best of both worlds. With a passion for crafting exceptional wines, we seamlessly blend the richness of foreign grapes with the character of domestic varietals to create unique and captivating flavors. Our winemaking philosophy revolves around embracing the diversity and distinctiveness of different wine regions. We carefully source premium grapes from renowned vineyards around the globe, each renowned for their exceptional terroir and traditional winemaking techniques. These grapes, with their vibrant flavors and exquisite aromas, form the foundation of our wines. In perfect harmony with our foreign influences, we also take great pride in showcasing the remarkable quality of domestic grapes. By cultivating local vineyards and working closely with skilled growers, we harness the best that the local terroir has to offer. This approach enables us to create wines that embody the essence of the region, reflecting the unique characteristics and nuances of the land.