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"A passion for healthy living can be the basis to everything. In today’s fast-paced and information-rich world, taking the time to slow down and make informed choices can be daunting. Erbamin’s core values are centred around delivering high quality Natural Health Products to you! Time is taken to examine the facts behind our products, offering you only the best and most effective. But… there’s more to it than that… The people behind Erbamin confidently use our products in their commitment to excellent health. You get solutions based on real personal experience, featuring years of trial and error. Erbamin’s founder, Mustefa, personifies these traits, forming the foundation of a commitment to deliver you the best in healthy living. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, his fascination for knowledge and healthy living led him to complete a science degree, specializing in Genomics. In unison with Erbamin’s vision to add experience to knowledge, he has spent years working in both the Natural Health Product and conventional healthcare industries."