Bread & Sons

195 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1W7, Canada

(613) 230-5302

"Bread and Sons was established in 2005, by Yoav D'Vaja and Keren Ribstein, and it is one of the first all-vegetarian 'made from scratch' food establishments in Ottawa. Yoav (which is better pronounced as James - Yoav is a little hard to pronounce even after years of practice) started as a physicist but realized that a formula is better when you can eat the result. First, there was a bakery with some lunch items, but soon enough it turned out to be known as ""The Pizza Place"" downtown, and now serves, along with some fine pastries, many lunch items: thin-crust earthy pizza by the slice, finger-licking sandwiches, robust roman style focaccia, devine pies, rustic breads and more exciting adjectivized categories like that. For many years now, Bread and Sons, trained by the world-famous coffee master Scott Rao, has been serving coffee which is known to be The Best on the Block, Any Block! ...some people expand that to most things served at the facility."