Burgers n’ Fries Forever

BFF: Where Burgers and Fries Become an Art Form

Dive into the Burgers n’ Fries Forever (BFF)  journey, where the iconic duo of burgers and fries transforms into a canvas for creativity and cultural fusion. This Centretown gem was born out of a realization that burgers and fries are not just a meal; they are the quintessential and original BFFs (hint the name).

Global Culinary Inspiration

BFF traces back to Jamil Bhuya traveling the world, where he went to Amsterdam, Thailand, UK and various other European countries in 2011. He found “the better burger” movement was really propelling forward, especially the use of fresh hand-cut fries that were double-fried to order. These global culinary influences ended up laying the foundation for BFF.

“In Amsterdam, they had Belgian Frites which were the predominant style and I loved the fact that they all had various mayos and toppings on them which reminded me of poutine”

Crafting the BFF Experience: Smashburgers and Duos

BFF prides itself on serving fresh smashburgers featuring 1/4lb halal Angus patties, a blend of brisket and chuck, all smashed to order. The in-house crafted signature sauces and double-fried hand-cut fries contribute to the unique flavor profile that has become BFF. Don’t miss out on the excitement of the rotating specials known as “duos,” offering a new twist on the classic burger n’ fries every two months.

Beyond Food: A Cultural Experience

More than just a dining spot, BFF was created to be an immersive experience. It serves as an outlet for culinary creativity, inviting individuals to explore new flavors through one of the most beloved and nostalgic food pairings – burgers n’ fries. The satisfaction lies not only in daring creations but also in the simplicity of using fresh, unprocessed ingredients to craft an extraordinary first bite. 

“it’s so satisfying when our creations come together and someone from the various culture/country compliments us on how good it tastes and how well we’ve integrated it into burgers n’ fries.”

In the heart of Centretown, BFF stands as a testament to the artistry of burgers and fries, inviting you to indulge in a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary. See for yourself just how amazing BFF truly is!

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