Bethany Smith

“My name is Bethany Smith and I am from PEI on the east coast of Canada. I moved to Ottawa in 2017. So a very big change from small town East coast to the city of Ottawa. I always call Ottawa more of a town especially in the business community here. You very quickly get to know a lot of people and how connected the city is, which is really nice. Centretown is a place that has— you know the occasional setback for me, including my bike being stolen in the beginning of 2020. But I think the juxtaposition of Centretown is that you can have an experiences like that and then you can be having some of your favorite experiences with like a snowball fight in the park or like having oysters at Whalesbone or enjoying a wine tasting at Buyer + Cellars Tasting Room for example. So I think Centretown has a lot of diversity, a lot of dynamic kinds of areas and experiences to enjoy and I think that’s what makes it a special place. And I think even just on a casual sunny Sunday and you’re just walking through Centretown, there’s always something to do and somewhere to go. So that’s what kind of makes it special.” @mfbsmitty

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