“I started my aerial journey back in 2010 when a local pole studio that I was attending started offering introductory aerial courses and from there in 2015 I decided to take a sabbatical from my government job and went to a circus school for a year in Quebec City, learning all sorts of disciplines. When I came back, I delved into teaching aerials, which was very fulfilling but I found myself wanting to perform more and and only recently did I start gigging around town which led me to being able to do a gig at Fauna, a restaurant that’s located at Bank St and Frank St. I met a lot of cool local individuals there, I was able to bartend from my aerial hoop from the ceiling! Somebody told me that I was so spectacular that I was apparently serving with my feet which actually didn’t happen but I’m really happy to hear that I was able to create such a memorable experience at that event for everybody. I really hope to pursue more opportunities around town at different events and hope to see you in the air!”

Becca @2e3ecca.aerials

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